Chinese for kids


Chinese for kids class is is a three-level course designed especially for children aged 6 and above of non-native Chinese speakers. Children will feel fun and be interested during the class.  


Children’s Chinese offers fun and tailored Chinese lessons to children aged 6 and above of all nationalities. The Chinese textbooks are the  series of Easy & Fun Chinese for Kids. The colorful illustrations and meaningful context to words and situations are to make each lesson appealing to the young kids.  

 Key Features

  • This is conversation-oriented Chinese course for kids.
  •  Flash cards, songs, games and many other activities will be used to make the course fun for kids.
  •  Every sentence can be used to speak to Chinese people.

 Three Levels : Each level has 40 lessons

Level Description

Elementary level 1

1. The teacher will focus on teaching Pinyin including the Initials, Finals, and the Tones by using pictures and listening to audio file. The teacher will focus on teaching them how to pronounce correctly.

2. Daily vocabulary will be taught through pictures and songs.

3. Kids will quickly and easily remember the words and be able to make simple dialogue with the teacher. As this is an interesting way of learning, children feel a greater affinity for Chinese.  

Elementary level 2  

1. Listen to the native speakers’ accurate pronunciations and tones, and, just like listening to a song, children will learn with their ears first. The teacher will play games and make dialogues to help children speak the words out.

2. Grammar points will be pick out from each text. Many examples are provided for practice, which will be related with children’s daily life and make the sentences easy to use and remember.

3. After finish this level, children are expected to introduce themselves, communicate with natives by simples sentences and even be able to talk about most daily topics, such as weather, school, shopping, friends, sports, hobby and so on.